Bus operators demand fair hike

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  • During the recent fuel price hikes our association had met with FM and discussed the situation


By Chaturanga Samarawickrama  

The All Island Private Bus Union Federation (AIPBUF), Inter-Provincial Private Bus Association (IPPBA), Lanka Private Bus Owners’ Association (LPBOA) and All Island School Children’s Transport Association (AISCTA) yesterday demanded for a fare-hike in the wake of the recent fuel-price increase. 


Accordingly, AIPBUF President Stanley Fernando said that they would demand a ten percent fare hike within three days after the fuel price hike. He said the Ministries promised to revise bus-fare with the change of the fuel price. “However, diesel price had been increased by Rs.14 so far. No bus-fare was revised. If the Government failed to provide a favorable reply within three days, we will make our own pricing formula and increase the bus-fare, according to the fuel price hikes,” he said.  

Speaking to the Daily Mirror IPPBA President Sarath Vijitha Kumara said a formula similar to the fuel pricing formula should be implemented for bus fares as well.  


  • We will make our own pricing formula and increase the bus-fare, according to the fuel price hikes,
  • We cannot make people inconvenient with inappropriate bus-fares,”

“It is more than enough for being silent for three months. Sooner or later we have to decide on bus fares or the Government should provide diesel at the earlier price, prior to the implementation of fuel pricing formula,” he said. Meanwhile, LPBOA President Gemunu Wijeratne said the National Transport Commission (NTC) should include the bus-fare hike to the monthly fuel pricing formula according to the fuel price. “While adding the bus-fare to the fuel pricing formula we need not put extra effort demanding fare hikes,” he said. “We cannot  inconvenience the people with inappropriate bus-fares,” he said. AISCTA said that they had decided to increase their transport fee by five per cent from today following yesterday’s fuel hike. Speaking to the Daily Mirror AISCTA President L. Mal Sri de Silva said the fee would be increased considering the distance.“We will not charge an exact amount but about five per cent according to the fuel increase,” he said.  

However, the new charges would be collected on September 25, Mr Silva said. “During the recent fuel price hikes our association had met with the Finance Minister and discussed the situation. But no favourable reply was given,” he said. All-Island Three-Wheeler Drivers’ Union President Lalith Dharmasekera said they are  fed up with this fuel price increase and would ask the members to charge the fare arbitrarily. Speaking to the Daily Mirror he said they had informed the authorities to regulate the Three-Wheeler Service. He said that no response had been received yet, but several rules and regulations were implemented to suppress the service.   


Train fares up by 15% next month

By Mahinda Nissanka  

The Department of Railways informed that Train Fares would be increased by 15% commencing from next month.  

The proposed increase imposed after a lapse of eight years would not change the minimum fare of Rs 10 but the distance allowed to travel with the minimum fare had been reduced from 10 kilometres to 7 kilometres. Accordingly, the present fare of Rs.10 charged to travel between two stations would be increased to Rs 15 as revealed by an official of the Department of Railways.  

The proposed hike in train fares had been gazetted by the Transport and Civil Aviation Ministry and had also obtained the approval of the Cabinet and the Treasury.  

The last increase in train fares had been in 2008.