Wijeyadasa, Harees in battle of words

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A statement about lecturers at Oluvil Uni. the cause



By Yohan Perera and Ajith Siriwardana   

Public Enterprise Deputy Minister H M M Harees and Minister of Higher Education Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe were embroiled in an altercation in Parliament yesterday over a statement allegedly made by Minister Rajapakshe at the Oluvil University that lecturers were demanding sexual favours from students. 

Deputy Minister Harees complained saying students and parents were troubled by the statement made by Minister Rajapakshe that lecturers had demanded sexual favours from students.   

“One student even brought a parent to see me and complained about what you said,” the deputy minister said. He said people in the area had also got to know about what was said by the minister on this occasion.   

Minister Rajapakshe, responding to this allegation, explained that he had only referred to one particular lecturer, whom he named during his speech.“Are you asking me not to take any steps to prevent lecturers from taking advantage of students? One cannot cover up what is taking place at the Oluvil University,” he said. He said a female student had submitted an affidavit stating that she was threatened by a lecturer saying he will fail her if she fails to satisfy his physical desires.   He said there is a fear psychosis prevailing in this university that prevents the authorities from taking steps to stop such incidents taking place inside the university premises.